"Moore directs her short film with close precision, centring her shots around her actors emotive performances." - Director's Notes

"...a raw depiction of complex relationships and life in modern-day Britain." - Berlin Art Link

"...a tribute to the necessity and power of human connection" - Omeleto

"I’m constantly trying to refine and improve the way I put my scripts together..." - The New Current


"(Turning) a story that could have just been about romance into one that focused first and foremost on female friendship." - The Ritz-Carlton

"explores the beauty of giving up control and embracing imperfection." - Harper's Bazaar


“Simple, brilliantly directed and economical, pinging a small arpeggio of emotional effects despite (or because of) its basic economy of means with some impressive performances from its young cast from a promising director that shows great potential.” - DepicT

Speech & Language UK

"This touching film raises awareness of the condition"David Reviews

"The emotional beats in the story, and powerful acting from Emma’s amazing young talent make the often overlooked symptoms of the condition become clear, but also leave the audience with an ending message of hope." - LBB Online

The Champ

"Embodying (Emma's) distinct artistic approach, the film blends realism with cinematic textures, and a core emphasis on authentic performances"  LBB Online

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